Black Manta: Security Tokenization As A Service

Black Manta: Security Tokenization As A Service

Thursday, January 21st, 2020

The Chicago Blockchain Real Estate Collective (CBREC) met once again on Thursday, January 21st at 10:00am US CT with guest speaker Brian Elders, Partner at Black Manta Capital Partners. Brian presented on his company’s multi-STO platform that aspires to set a global standard for Security Token Offerings (STO), touching on some key benefits Black Manta offers to its partnering businesses and investors in the growing STO marketplace. For more information about the event go HERE, and check out the show notes below! The CBREC is sponsored by Liberty Real Estate Fund.


Brian is a Partner as Black Manta with a long track record as a leader in international financial and professional services  based in Ireland, Poland, Hungary, Singapore and Hong Kong. He has a degree in Business and Law and qualifications in accounting, treasury and quant finance. Brian is a great believer in innovation and passionate about the impact blockchain and digital assets can have in global finance.

Outside of work, Brian has a great little family and, if there is any time left in the day, he indulges in watching and playing all sorts of sports, including soccer, darts, skiing and marathon runs.

Learn more about Black Manta Capital Partners:

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Timestamped Shownotes:

04:02 – Host of CBREC Adam Carswell introduces Brian Elders, Partner at Black Manta Capital Partners (Black Manta), and his experience in global finance and more recently blockchain tokenization

09:07 – What services does Black Manta provide for its clients?

09:57 – What is the trend following Security Token Offerings (STOs) and blockchain technology?

10:42 – How is Black Manta unique compared to other multi-STO platforms?

12:23 – What investment partners does Black Manta work with and aim to work with in the future?

13:16 – What does Black Manta’s STO process look like from the company’s perspective?

14:15 – What does Black Manta’s STO process look like from the investor’s perspective?

15:29 – How does Black Manta’s AML and KYC processes ensure the security of retail real estate investments?

17:52 – How does Black Manta have investors transfer their digital wallet data that holds the Security Tokens?

19:49 – What kind of businesses does Black Manta currently work with?

20:30 – How does Black Manta see the company growing into a larger marketplace, especially with commercial real estate?

21:22 – What are the opportunities and challenges Black Manta faces working with Real Estate?

22:52 – What advantages does Black Manta offer to investors and real estate owners?

24:56 – Brian shares a Black Manta case study of a residential real estate investment in Berlin

27:40 – What are some challenges Black Manta has experienced with investments and partners?

30:02 – What does a custodian, like a bank or asset manager, do for STO buying and selling?

31:23 – How does the US compare with Europe and Asia in the Security Token space?

38:58 – Where does Brian estimate the growth of the STO market going in the next 5 years?

34:44 – What feedback from investors has Black Manta receiving regarding the ease of investing digitally with security tokens and STOs?

40:12 – Where is most of Black Manta’s investor demand currently coming from?

41:29 – How does Black Manta educate investors about combining real retail real estate investments with blockchain technology?

42:48 – What platforms did Black Manta use for marketing the Berlin investment?

44:47 – Does Black Manta offer Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to third party companies?

45:52 – What tokenization platforms does Black Manta have experience with?

38:58 – Jason Ricks, COO of Liberty Real Estate Fund LLC (Liberty), shares updates on Liberty’s launch and new Triple Net leasing (NNN) webinar

3 Key Points:

  1. Increased liquidity and security of Real Assets with Security Tokens
  2. Efficiency and Security of Real Estate Tokenization for investors
  3. Benefits of bringing Real Estate on the Blockchain

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