The Blockchain Real Estate Summit will be held at the AT&T Hotel Conference Center on the University of Texas in Austin Texas on September 10, 2021


The Blockchain Real Estate Summit will be held at the AT&T Hotel Conference Center on the University of Texas in Austin Texas on September 10, 2021

September 9 & 10, 2021 in Austin Texas USA – In-Person and Online

The first ever Blockchain Real Estate Summit will be held in Austin, Texas on September 9 & 10, 2021 both in-person and online.  Liberty Real Estate Fund is hosting the Blockchain Real Estate Summit.  Liberty is issuing its Security Token offering on blockchain to provide stable and tradable private real estate investments.  See HOW IT WORKS

Industry Leaders Meet at Blockchain Real Estate Summit

Industry leaders from traditional Real Estate Investment, Syndicators, Capital Raisers, Sponsors and Real Estate Developers will be meeting with Blockchain experts, Securities & Trading professionals, Real Estate Tokenization entrepreneurs to establish best practices for the future of Tradable Private Real Estate.  This conference will connect Main Street to Wall Street on blockchain, which is the rails of the new financial system.

Real estate is the world’s most proven asset class because it provides regular income (cash flow), appreciation, tax benefits, inflation protection and low volatility to many investors who choose to invest in real estate assets. Total worldwide real estate value is around $280 Trillion dollars — it is by far THE WORLD’S BIGGEST ASSET CLASS.

Blockchain Technology Allows Individuals Exchange Value Instantly

WHY BLOCKCHAIN?  This transformative technology allows individuals to move and exchange value instantly all over the world in the same way that the internet allows you to communicate.  It allows assets and money to move the same way we already move information over the internet.  Blockchain technology has the potential to unlock more than $280 trillion* of illiquid and inaccessible real estate value.

The Keynote Speaker at the Blockchain Real Estate Summit will be Stephane De Baets, the blockchain and tradable real estate pioneer who issued the AspenCoin. De Baets will be interviewed by Robert Helms of the Real Estate Guys Radio Show, a professional real estate investor along with being host of one of the longest running and most popular real estate investing podcasts in the world.

Blockchain Real Estate Summit is Where FinTech Meets PropTech

The Blockchain Real Estate Summit is the global intersection of FinTech meeting PropTech to create worldwide access to the wealth generating benefits of real estate.

The summit will also highlight Real Estate Blockchain projects that are going to revolutionize title, ownership, property management and investing in real estate.  Real Estate, Securities, Legal and Regulatory experts will be on hand to guide mainstream adoption of blockchain to achieve frictionless Tradable Private Real Estate. 

AT&T Conference Center at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas.

The location will be the AT&T Hotel & Conference Center on the University of Texas campus located in Austin, Texas.

1900 University Ave, Austin, TX 78705 and online.

Registration and more information on website:

List of Speakers for the Blockchain Real Estate Summit

  • Stephane De Baets – Elevated Returns
  • Robert Helms – The Real Estate Guys
  • Michael Flight – Liberty Real Estate Fund
  • Mohsin Masud –
  • Ryan Zega – tZERO
  • Adam Carsell – Liberty Equity Management – Master Of Ceremonies
  • Lee Bratcher – Texas Blockchain Council
  • Tyler Harttraft – Bull Blockchain Law
  • Steven Baum – Friedman LLP
  • Duggin Kelley – Kelley Clarke
  • Algorand – The Blockchain For FutureFi
  • Jason Ricks – Liberty Real Estate Fund
  • Keith Meyer – Symphony Capital Group
  • Darrin Davis – Presario Ventures
  • Alexander Rapatz – Black Manta
  • Pancham Gupta – Mesos Capital
  • Jen Katsev – Performance Group
  • Baxter Hines  – Honeycomb Investments
  • Christian Platzer – Black Manta
  • Mat Sorenson – Directed IRA
  • Christopher Nelson – Wealthward Capital
  • Darcy Van Orden – SmartEscrow/Ubitquity
  • Remy Jacobson –
  • Viktor Viktorov – REINNO
  • Michael Carpentier  – Vesta Equity Inc.
  • Dave Hendricks, Vertalo
  • Pat LaVecchia, CEO Oasis Pro Markets
  • James C. Row, Entoro Capital
  • Moderator: Ganga Tarwady
  • Kirill Mishanin – Infodriver Capital
  • Laurent Chemla – Estatoken

VIP Cocktail Reception

Join us next year the evening before the Summit to network with our quality speakers and VIP attendees:

The Blockchain Real Estate Summit is sponsored by:

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About the author

Picture of Michael Flight, CEO of Liberty Real Estate.

Michael Flight was named the Godfather of Blockchain Real Estate by Forbes Crypto.  Michael achieved that distinction by co-founding Liberty Real Estate Fund, the World’s First Net Lease Security Token Fund, creating the Blockchain Real Estate Summit. More recently co-founding Invest On Main ( the Real Estate & Alternative Asset marketplace of the future and AcceleratedLaw a faster, cheaper way to create and tokenize securities offerings! 

Michael is a real estate entrepreneur and real estate tokenization pioneer who is an expert in retail real estate investment, redevelopment and real estate on the blockchain.  He started his commercial real estate career in 1985, and then co-founded Concordia Realty Corporation in 1990, which continues to partner with some of the world’s most well-known banks, insurance companies, hedge funds and institutional investors in many successful investments.

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