Picture logo of Texture Capital Holdings for Liberty Real Estate sponsored event.

Broker-Dealers And Digital Assets On The Blockchain

Picture logo of Texture Capital Holdings for Liberty Real Estate sponsored event.

Thursday, April 1st, 2021 

On Thursday, April 1st at 6:00pm US CT, the Chicago Blockchain Real Estate Collective (CBREC) joined with guest speaker Richard Johnson, Founder and CEO of Texture Capital Holdings. In his presentation, Richard walked us through his company’s digital marketplace that caters to investors looking for private market investment opportunities. Texture Capital’s blockchain-based technology platform helps companies raise capital and issues private placement digital asset securities through its Alternate Trading System (ATS). For more information about the event HERE! The CBREC is sponsored by Liberty Real Estate Fund.

Event Replay:


Richard founded Texture Capital in 2019 to take advantage of the emerging opportunities in the digital securities space. Today the firm is one of the leading digital securities broker dealers, focused on leveraging blockchain technology to improve the market structure of capital markets.

Richard is a seasoned entrepreneur and accomplished securities industry executive having held several leadership roles at the forefront of finance and technology, have held senior positions at Societe Generale, Greenwich Associates, Liquidnet and ITG. Richard is a pioneer and thought-leader in electronic trading; former consultant to large organizations on equity market structure, blockchain and cryptocurrency and FinTech.

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Timestamped Shownotes:

00:30 – Michael Flight, CEO of Liberty Real Estate Fund LLC (Liberty), shares updates on Liberty’s U.S launch in April

04:28 – Host of CBREC Adam Carswell introduces Richard Johnson, CEO & Founder of Texture Capital Holdings

06:23 – What inspired Richard to form Texture Capital?

11:24 – What is an Alternative Trading System (ATS)?

14:35 – What are private markets versus public markets?

16:25 – What are broker-dealers?

20:07 – What is Texture Capital’s mission with blockchain technology for economic progress?

21:14 – What does “150% shorting” mean and how does blockchain technology solve this problem?

23:54 – How is the instantaneous settlement feature of the Blockchain advantageous for investors?

26:47 – What are the challenges with the current market structure that Texture Capital seeks to fix?

27:47 – What is Texture Capital’s tokenization process for investment securities and funds?

31:35 – What issuer controls does Texture Capital allow for companies to have to control trading activities?

33:19 – What is the structure of Texture Capital’s trading application?

35:10 – How does Texture Capital value the shares on the secondary market?

35:57 – Who are the main participants in the private market-blockchain space?

37:17 – Is there any competition for Texture Capital in the broker-dealer space?

41:19 – How many family offices and private investors are currently in the market with Texture Capital?

43:22 – How do companies bridge the gap between operators and the investors for transparency of investments?

51:12 – What are Richard’s thoughts on other issuance platforms, like Algorand?

3 Key Points:

  1. Broker-Dealers help companies regulate real estate investments and optionality on the Blockchain
  2. Efficiency and Flexibility of Real Estate Tokenization for investors
  3. Increased liquidity and security of Real Assets with Security Tokens

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