Buy Luxury Real Estate On The Blockchain

Picture of Chicago Blockchain Real Estate Event Announcement featuring Gold Gate.

Buy Luxury Real Estate On The Blockchain

Picture of Chicago Blockchain Real Estate Event Announcement featuring Gold Gate.

Thursday, December 17th, 2020

The Chicago Blockchain Real Estate Collective (CBREC) joined together Thursday, December 17 at 6:00pm CT with guest speaker Dalton Skach, CEO at Gold Gate, to discuss his company’s global real estate marketplace where investors worldwide can trade ultra-luxury residential real estate that has been transformed into digital assets. Dalton explains how tokenizing luxury real estate benefits investors internationally by easing the burdens of managing a property and offering more feasible investments in ultra-luxury real estate. Gold Gate expects its first property closings in April 2021 and publicly trade on the Blockchain by 2023. Learn more about the event HERE! The CBREC is sponsored by Liberty Real Estate Fund. 



Dalton Skach is a successful real estate entrepreneur based in the United States. He attended the University of Colorado Boulder where he received his degree in entrepreneurship and real estate in 2016. Six months after graduating, Dalton started his own commercial real estate consulting business where he sourced $250M+ worth of off-market commercial real estate opportunities all over the United States for REITs, private equity groups, and institutional investors. While sourcing and underwriting these opportunities, Dalton worked remotely while he traveled to 35+ countries all over the world.

In May 2020, Dalton made a pivot and decided to enter the private equity industry himself. Since then, Dalton has gone on to build a financial technology platform capable of converting ultra-luxury residential real estate from around the world into a digital asset where high net worth individuals, family offices, and foreign investors can acquire fractional ownership and trade freely through Gold Gate’s exclusive secondary marketplace. It is a fractional ownership model where one share equals one month, and each share is priced differently. There are very few companies that have already entered the digital asset space for real estate investments. However, there is no one that has created a platform and business like the one being built today by Dalton and his team at Gold Gate.

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Timestamped Shownotes: 00:32 – Michael Flight, CEO of Liberty Real Estate Fund LLC (Liberty), shares updates on Liberty’s launch and new Triple Net leasing (NNN) webinar  04:20 – Host of CBREC Adam Carswell introduces Dalton Skach, CEO at Gold Gate  06:40 – How did blockchain technology inspire Dalton Skach, CEO of Gold Gate, to expand Gold Gate’s online ultra-luxury real estate marketplace? 08:33 – What is Gold Gate and how does it utilize Security Tokens to offer luxury home investments to people worldwide? 11:01 – What investment opportunities does Gold Gate offer by tokenizing its assets on the Blockchain? 11:30 – How does Gold Gate use blockchain technology to manage investors’ real estate and ease any property management burdens?  14:03 – What are the ideal investors for Gold Gate’s luxury real estate investments? 15:54 – Why is the global real estate market easily scalable to benefit investors? 16:24 – How does Gold Gate ensure the credibility of the real estate investments ? 17:49 – What is Gold Gate’s process of property acquisition? 20:46 – How do investors buy and/or sell shares of a Gold Gate real estate investment opportunity? 21:52 – What are the benefits of bringing Gold Gate’s luxury real estate opportunities on the blockchain now? 22:14 – What are Gold Gate’s advantages compared to its competitors in the blockchain and real estate industries? 24:30 – What are Gold Gate’s current and future prospects for real estate investing? 26:42 – How can Gold Gate use loans backed by its security tokens in the future for private investors? 30:54 – What has Gold Gate’s experience been like launching its luxury real estate investing marketplace? 32:40 – What is a Serviceable Addressable Market (SAM) and what exchanges and broker dealers is Gold Gate utilizing? 34:42 – How will Gold Gate assess the market value and appreciation of real estate properties?  36:00 – How can investors get lawyers or accountants to advise on tokenized real estate investments?  38:58 – How can Gold Gate offer investments without broker- dealer fees paid by investors?  40:06 – Who are Dalton Skach’s business partners at Gold Gate?  40:06 – What are the advantages of offering luxury real estate properties backed by security tokens for international investors?  3 Key Points:
  1. Benefits of bringing Real Estate on the Blockchain
  2. Efficiency and Flexibility of Real Estate Tokenization for investors
  3. Increased liquidity  and security of Real Assets with Security Tokens 
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