Liberty Real Estate Fund The Digital Assets and Securities Conference in Austin Texas on September 23, 2021


Liberty Real Estate Fund The Digital Assets and Securities Conference in Austin Texas on September 23, 2021

September 21-23, 2021, in Austin, Texas USA

Liberty Real Estate Fund’s Michael Flight, CEO, and Jason Ricks, COO, are excited to speak at the first-ever Digital Assets and Securities Conference, held in Austin, Texas, on September 23, 2021. This educational conference is bringing together builders, buyers, issuers, integrators, skeptics, shills, lawyers, moonshots, and ‘loonshots’ to create and engage a stronger financial ecosystem to enhance the understanding of how Digital Assets and Securities intersect.

Jason and Michael will be speaking on the Liquidity for Illiquid Assets ( Private Real Estate) panel to discuss Raising Capital For Real Estate Funds With Security Tokens — How Investors Will Have More Control Over Their Assets To Obtain Better Options and Higher Returns. 

It is all in keeping with our relentless efforts to bring more value to real estate investors.  

Speakers at The Digital Assets and Securities Conference

  • Dave Hendricks – Vertalo
  • Lee Bratcher – Texas Blockchain Council
  • Greg Sossaman – Planet Wealth
  • Representative Tan Parker – Texas House Member
  • Gary Brandeis – Real Estate Capital Mgmt
  • Enrique Suárez – MountX
  • Nitin Gaur – IBM
  • James O’Brien – AltoIRA
  • Clifford A. Lipscomb – Inveniam
  • John Nance – Dealbox, Inc.
  • Tom Powell – Resolute Capital Partners
  • Noreen Griffin – Cryptocom, Inc.
  • Mance Harmon – Hedera Hashgraph
  • Kevin Mehrabi – Wealthchain
  • Zach Resnick – Unbounded Capital
  • Alex Nascimento  – 7CC Blockchain Investments
  • Hailey Lennon – Anderson Kill
  • Jeffrey Gangl – Templum
  • Nisa Amoils – A100x Ventures
  • Stephen McKeon – Collab+Currency
  • Theresa V. Kennedy – FIBREE
  • Alan Konevsky – tZERO
  • Pat LaVecchia – Oasis Pro Markets
  • Jim Row – 1transfer
  • Tron Black – Ravencoin
  • Sam Grossman – Inveniam
  • Paul Snow – Inveniam
  • Shannon Robnett – My Vertical Equity
  • Soloman Tesfaye – tZERO
  • Richard Johnson – Texture Capital
  • Cathy Yoon – INX
  • Lilya Tessler – Sidley
  • Jon Blattmachr – INX
  • Michael Flight – Liberty Real Estate Fund
  • Jason Ricks – Liberty Real Estate Fund


The conference will be held at the Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa located in Austin, Texas.

Liberty Real Estate Fund is a proud sponsor of The Digital Assets and Securities Conference.

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About the author

Picture of Michael Flight, CEO of Liberty Real Estate.

Michael Flight was named the Godfather of Blockchain Real Estate by Forbes Crypto.  Michael achieved that distinction by co-founding Liberty Real Estate Fund, the World’s First Net Lease Security Token Fund, creating the Blockchain Real Estate Summit. More recently co-founding Invest On Main ( the Real Estate & Alternative Asset marketplace of the future and AcceleratedLaw a faster, cheaper way to create and tokenize securities offerings! 

Michael is a real estate entrepreneur and real estate tokenization pioneer who is an expert in retail real estate investment, redevelopment and real estate on the blockchain.  He started his commercial real estate career in 1985, and then co-founded Concordia Realty Corporation in 1990, which continues to partner with some of the world’s most well-known banks, insurance companies, hedge funds and institutional investors in many successful investments.

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