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On Thursday, July 30, 2020 the Chicago Blockchain Real Estate Collective hosted its fifth informational meeting on Security Tokens and Token Assetization with guest speaker Adam Blumberg. Adam gives a live whiteboard presentation on the different types of digital assets and the advantages of security token assetization. Founding Partner of Liberty Real Estate Fund Jason Ricks also shares his journey into the world of security tokens and blockchain technology for real estate investments.

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3 Key Points
  • Liquidization of real assets with security tokens
  • Transparency of security tokens
  • DEFI increases flexibility of security token investments
Timestamped Shownotes

02:30 – Jason Ricks, founding partner of Liberty Real Estate Fund LLC, introduces himself and his journey into Blockchain
05:52 – Jason Ricks’s epiphany moment when discovering the advantages of security tokens
10:03 – What investments Jason Ricks has and focuses on in the security token world
11:35 – Adam Carswell of Liberty Real Estate Fund LLC introduces Adam Blumberg, co-founder of Interaxis
14:06 – Creation of Bitcoin and the disintermediation of investing
14:51 – Benefits and drawbacks of non-liquid assets like real estate investments (non-correlation)
16:23 – How blockchain technology brings liquidity to real estate
19:32 – Why security tokens are delayed for real estate investments
23:43 – Advantages of security token assetization for international investing
27:08 – How a security token fund creates liquidity for investors
31:43 – Transparency of security tokens
34:32 – What is DEFI (Decentralized Finance) and how does it open up ‘trustless’ investing?
44:41 – How do you control the volatility of token investing and trading?
48:14 – What is an ERC-721 token?


Kyle is an entrepreneur, advisor, and investor who primarily works in the blockchain industry using his knowledge and experience to consult in investments and specialize in merchant banking for Security Token offerings (STOs). Kyle is also a founding partner of Security Token Group, CEO at Security Token Market, a listing website for STOs from all around the world. He also hosts a podcast called the Security Token Show on which he discusses security token news, developments, and innovations.

The Security Token Show is THE PREMIER Security Token podcast. You will get information on news, regulatory announcements and most importantly

The INTERAXIS Podcast:
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