Tokenization, Escrow Services & Smart Contracts

October 6 & 7, 2020

October 6 & 7, 2020 – Liberty Real Estate Fund was honored to participate in the 2020 LA Blockchain Summit — the leading worldwide online conference & expo focused on blockchain investment, building and mainstream digital asset adoption.  Alon Groen, Josef Holm Michael Flight, CEO of Liberty will be speaking on Wednesday Oct. 7 from 10:50 AM to 11:20 AM PDT where he is on the panel titled “Tokenization, Escrow Services, & Smart Contracts” along with Wendy O, Natalia Karayaneva of Propy Inc.,  Mian Mohsin Masud of Tokenism, and Blake Richman of Vertalo. 

The game changer is blockchain based Security Tokens, opening up wealth creation, wealth preservation, and income generation to people located anywhere in the world. There are estimated to be over $280.6 trillion of real estate assets right now; that is more than all of the stock and bond markets combined. Global commercial real estate investment reached an unprecedented high of US$830 billion in 2019.
Liberty Real Estate Fund has a goal to add $10 billion of high quality commercial real estate investments to the Blockchain, creating opportunities for people worldwide to participate in wealth creation, preservation for future generations, and passive income in the form of monthly cash flow. Liberty Real Estate Fund is the World’s First Net Lease Security Token Fund and lots of people we interact with focus on blockchain technology. Some individuals get stuck on the words “Security Tokens,” associating these regulated assets with ICOs — high volatility and murky business propositions. Are Security Tokens scary? You don’t need to understand how email technology works; you just type in the address and hit send. Most people have never heard of SMTP, IMAP, or POP3 but also don’t need to know about mail servers and protocols. The same thing is happening right now with Security Tokens: we had a pretty big learning curve when figuring out the different pieces of the fund, from tokenization platforms to ERC-20 tokens, even to wallets and cold storage. 2019 pioneers, like Aspen Coin (St. Regis Aspen hotel) and La Estancia Holdings (LAEST), a luxury golf resort in the Dominican Republic. Creating a Security Token next year around this time will be as easy as using a crowdfunding platform for real estate investment sponsors and developers. What does that mean for the average person? Typically with past investment opportunities, our investors would invest in a syndication, more commonly called a partnership, and they would need to sign up for either 5, 7, or even 10 years. And now, with the Security Token, a US investor could have the possibility to sell all or a portion of their tokens’ “shares“ after one year of holding the investment. Furthermore, nine US investors can sell their tokens after holding them for only three months. The even bigger opportunity we believe is for investors all over the globe to now be able to invest in real estate anywhere in the world using only a computer or smartphone. The benefits of Security Tokens will not only be liquidity for a traditionally illiquid investment. Real estate has typically been an asset utilized by the wealthy to generate and preserve wealth while receiving its steady passive income. Our fund is giving those investors the opportunity to buy into an institutional-grade portfolio of super safe assets for a minimum investment of $50,000. We expect Security Tokens to open up the same type of opportunities for individuals that even invest as low as $100-$500. The really incredible thing is that I am not a technologist or an engineer; instead, I have been in real estate for 35 years. What is so incredible is that the technology for Security Tokens has advanced enough that I don’t need to know a whole lot about it but, instead, use it to create a fund that can build wealth for people all over the world. What a time to be alive! Imagine the opportunities for human flourishing that this fund can create when people have income-producing assets. They have generated truly passive income and appreciation of the asset from anywhere in the world. Michael J. Flight CEO of Liberty Real Estate Fund LLC.

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