Luxury Resort on the Blockchain: A Successful Start to Finish Case Study

Luxury Resort on the Blockchain: A Successful Start to Finish Case Study

On Thursday, September 17, 2020, the Chicago Blockchain Real Estate Collective hosted its seventh informational meeting with guest speaker Laurent F. Chemla, CEO for Estatoken and Serial Digital Tech Entrepreneur, joining us from Paris to go through a live case study on the La Estancia (LAEST) Security Token. For more information on the event, go HERE!  The CBREC is sponsored by Liberty Real Estate Fund.

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Laurent F. Chelma is a serial entrepreneur and investor with more than 25 years of experience building and managing successful companies in the digital space. He’s the co-founder and Chairman of Reel Deal Group the first B2B digital marketplace for trading TV and Film Rights and Reel Track a blockchain-based decentralized universal registry for the audiovisual industry.

As CEO of Estatoken, a full-service marketing firm focused on Real Estate Digital Securities Offerings, he pioneered the tokenization of La Estancia Golf Resort located in The Dominican Republic.

He sits on the board of StangaOne1 a leading offshore digital production center with +280 employees based in Sofia, Bulgaria with offices in Serbia, London and Paris.

Laurent has been featured in multiple publications and been speaker at MIPCOM, the Security Token Academy, the TV of Tomorrow, Online Advertising & Jupiter events and at the Cannes Cyber Lions.

Learn more about Estatoken:

Learn more about Mohsin:

Timestamped Shownotes:

01:15 – Michael Flight, CEO of Liberty Real Estate Fund, shares how CBREC connected with guest speaker Laurent Chelma

02:17 – Host of CBREC Adam Carswell introduces Laurent Chelma, CEO of Estatoken

03:56 – Laurent Chelma, CEO of Estatoken, shares his journey that led him to blockchain technology and La Estancia Holdings LTD.

05:49 – What is Estatoken and how are they aligning real estate investments with investors around the world?

07:34 – What is the market opportunity for the tokenization of real estate?

08:41 – What is Real Estate Assets Tokenization and its benefits to investors?

09:33 – What are Security Tokens?

09:44 – What are the differences between Security Tokens and Utility Tokens?

10:58 – What is La Estancia Holdings LTD (LAEST)?

14:49 – What are the benefits of La Estancia as a Digital Securities Offering?

15:40 – Who are the tenants of La Estancia and why choose this location for the tokenized real estate?

16:58 – What are the main benefits of LAEST Security Token investments?

17:50 – What are the hard assets included in LAEST’s latest Security Token?

18:03 – What is the holding structure of La Estancia’s security token offerings for investors?

19:31 – What is Securitize and how does it help the security tokens maintain compliance throughout its lifetime?

21:27 – What is the three-part digital asset strategy for La Estancia’s real estate investment opportunity?

23:36 – What is next for Estatoken with Real Estate on the Blockchain?

26:14 – Are there hybrid models of Security Tokens and Utility Tokens?

31:32 – How did Laurent Chemla find La Estancia to create the tokenized real estate investment?

35:19 – What were the biggest challenges of the onboarding process and security token platforms?

41:45 – Why are broker dealers necessary to conduct business in the regulatory environment of security tokens?

43:07 – Where does Laurent Chelma, CEO of Estatoken, project liquidity to come from for the tokenization of real estate?

46:46 – Why are the benefits of security tokens over REITs?

3 Key Points:

  1. Benefits of Digital Securities
  2. Efficiency of Real Estate Tokenization
  3. Liquidity of Real Estate on the Blockchain

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