Picture of Chicago Blockchain Real Estate Event Announcement featuring Honeycomb Digital Investments.

The Man Who Wrote The Book On Security Tokens

Picture of Chicago Blockchain Real Estate Event Announcement featuring Honeycomb Digital Investments.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

On Thursday, October 29 at 6:00pm CT the Chicago Blockchain Real Estate Collective hosted its eighth informational meeting with guest speaker Baxter Hines, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Honeycomb Digital Investments as he explained the details of his new book “Digital Finance: Security Tokens and Unlocking the Real Potential of Blockchain.” Learn more about the event HERE!



Baxter Hines, CFA, is managing partner with Honeycomb Digital Investments. He co-founded the firm in 2020 to provide income producing solutions for clients. His firm manages portfolios consisting of traditional assets, security tokens and digital assets.

Mr. Hines was a managing director, portfolio manager and co-lead for several internationally focused value strategies during his 12 years with NFJ Investment Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Allianz Global Investors. Prior to his time with NFJ, he was an analyst with the Teacher Retirement Systems of Texas and worked as financial systems specialist for Reuters. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in economics from the University of Virginia and an MBA in finance from the University of Texas. His investment philosophy and market outlook have been profiled in several financial publications including Barron’s and The Wall Street Journal.  Mr. Hines holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and is a member of the CFA Society of Dallas.

About His Book:

Digital Finance: Security Tokens and Unlocking the Real Potential of Blockchain examines how blockchain technology – and specifically security tokens – will overhaul the existing infrastructure of the financial services industry to increase efficiency, transparency, and security.

Upcoming Book: “Digital Finance: Security Tokens and Unlocking the Real Potential of Blockchain”

You can listen to the presentation here:

Timestamped Shownotes:

00:59 – Jason Ricks, co-founder and COO of Liberty Real Estate Fund, and host of CBREC Adam Carswell update listeners on Liberty Real Estate Fund’s happenings and introduce the event’s topic

06:33 – Host Adam Carswell introduces Baxter Hines, Co-Founder and CEO of Honeycomb Digital Investments and author of “Digital Finance: Security Tokens and Unlocking the Real Potential of Blockchain”

10:17 – What is Baxter Hines’ new book about with Digital Securities?

13:28 –  What is a Security Token?

14:53 – How has blockchain technology evolved over the years to benefit investors by digitizing ownership?

15:34 – Baxter Hines, author of “Digital Finance: Security Tokens and Unlocking the Real Potential of Blockchain,” gives an example of Security Tokenization that allows for trading, tracking, and monitoring of assets with the speed of Blockchain

20:05 – How do Security Tokens maximize profits for investors with less middlemen involved?

20:55 – How does the tokenization of assets increase efficiency and liquidity for investors?

22:02 – How is tokenization revolutionizing the store of value for assets?

22:56 – How does blockchain technology protect investors’ privacy?

23:40 – What are the steps for tokenizing assets on the Blockchain?

24:14 – What is a news case of the tokenization of assets for a business?

25:57 – What are Smart Contracts and how do they work?

27:40 – What is a real-world example of a Smart Contract?

31:04 – What are the benefits of Security Tokens?

31:58 – How are Security Tokens going to revolutionize Real Estate by bringing it on the Blockchain?

32:54 – How does Tokenization significantly reduce the time to market a mortgage?

33:47 – How do Security Tokens expand the interoperability of assets efficiently?

36:27 – What are the main challenges of getting involved in blockchain technology?

40:06 – Why should Smart Contracts become more regulated in the future?

41:31 – What is Baxter Hines’ experience with SD26 Token?

44:44 – What three sectors does Baxter Hines see as getting affected the most by blockchain technology?

3 Key Points:

  1. Efficiency of Real Estate Tokenization
  2. Benefits of Digital Securities
  3. Liquidity of Real Estate on the Blockchain

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