Security Tokens & Tokenizing Assets

Security Tokens & Tokenizing Assets

On June 18th, 2020 the Chicago Blockchain Real Estate Collective hosted its third informational meeting on Security Tokens and Token Assetization with guest speaker Tyler Harttraft. Tyler presents on the problems with traditional financing methods, the solution that digital securities offer, and a case study of a digital security offering in action. Liberty Real Estate Fund’s Jordan Steck also presents on what a Security Token is and the 9 major benefits of Security Token Offerings (STOs). Watch the full meetup HERE.View the first, introductory meeting of the Chicago Blockchain Collective HERE, and the second meeting on the changing state of real estate with blockchain technology HERE.

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3 Key Points
  • Understanding a security token
  • Understanding a digital securities offering (DSO)
  • Regulatory considerations of a DSO for net lease real estate
Timestamped Shownotes

03:04 – Jordan Steck of LibertyFund explains what a security token is and its ‘9 commandments’
05:29 – Flexibility of security tokens and regulation of Smart Contracts
07:10 – Transparency of security tokens
11:35 – Adam Carswell of Concordia Realty and LibertyFund introduces Tyler Harttraft of Bull Blockchain Law, LLC
15:12 – What is a digital security?
16:35 – What are the problems with traditional real estate financing?
19:50 – What solutions do digital securities offerings (DSOs) have with blockchain technology?
21:50 – Lifecycle of a DSO
23:58 – Considerations of structuring a DSO for net lease real estate
26:27 – Regulatory considerations of DSOs
29:18 – Who are the involved parties in a DSO and what do they do?
30:53 – Case study of a DSO (real example of business deal for La Estancia)


Tyler is a Securities, Digital Assets, and Blockchain Attorney who advises businesses on key legal issues concerning corporate matters, capital markets regulations and fundraising compliance, and intellectual property protection and licensing. As an advisor to founders, investors, and startups, Tyler has worked closely with companies on security token offerings (STOs), Anti Money Laundering/Know Your Customer (AML/KYC) compliance, broker-dealer compliance, digital asset fund formation, investor due diligence, and a wide range of other legal matters to help entrepreneurs launch and grow successful businesses. He also publishes articles analyzing recent SEC enforcement actions and other regulatory developments regarding cryptocurrency and blockchain companies.

Tyler received his Juris Doctor from Thomas R. Kline School of Law at Drexel University where he focused on corporate and intellectual property law. Harttraft was a law clerk in the intellectual property group at Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellot, LLC from January through June 2017. He is an active member of the ABA’s Trademarks and the Internet Committee and the Philadelphia Ethereum Community, as well as an author on topics concerning emerging technologies and developments in intellectual property law. Prior to law school, Harttraft earned a B.A. in communication arts and sciences from Pennsylvania State University.

*Note: Liberty Fund/Concordia Equity Partners (Concordia) have made every attempt to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided. Concordia cannot not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, or reliability of the information contained herein. The information herein considered legally-binding legal advice, tax guidance, or financial counsel.

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