Nothing But Net episode image showing money bags attached to airplanes with a map in the background, depicting how national and international investors can earn passive income through Triple Net (NNN) lease investments. This episode features Billy Keels as the guest, with his screenshot displayed in the corner of the NNN Show Episode 23 Title graphic.

NNN Investing in the US for International Investors

Nothing But Net episode image showing money bags attached to airplanes with a map in the background, depicting how national and international investors can earn passive income through Triple Net (NNN) lease investments. This episode features Billy Keels as the guest, with his screenshot displayed in the corner of the NNN Show Episode 23 Title graphic.



In this episode, hosts Adam Carswell and Michael Flight are joined by Billy Keels, Founder of KeePon Cashflow, to discuss how both national and international investors can reap the benefits of Net Lease (NNN) investments in the US. Billy gives us his personal accounts of international real estate investing and how he learned to build relationships with foreign investors through understanding the nuances of each demographic area not only where the NNN investment is located but where the investor is around the globe to know the differences in the CRE market. Michael, Adam and Billy also touch on the different options investors have with Triple Net real estate, especially when introducing blockchain technology like Security Tokens into deals. Closing the show, they talk about the importance of investors educating themselves on their investments and the area’s specific laws they have to comply with, as well as the fundamental steps to invest non-US Capital in US real estate.


Learn more about International Investing and all things Triple Net on other episodes of The Nothing But Net – NNN Show.  This show is a podcast all about the benefits of acquiring and owning Net Lease Properties (also known as NNN, Triple Net, Triple-Net Single-Tenant or Single-Tenant Triple-Net Lease properties). Listen to  or watch this podcast on the Liberty Real Estate Fund Nothing But Net YouTube channel.

Billy Keels On Investing In NNN Properties For International

As an international investor and expatriate with a full-time job, Billy Keels has excellent insight into commercial real estate and Net Lease investing first-hand. Liberty Real Estate Fund set out to open their investments in NNN US real estate available to non-US investors because everyone deserves to diversify their portfolio with high-quality US real estate and achieve financial freedom, no matter where they are located in the world.

How To Build Relationships With Foreign Investors

Starting out in Columbus, Ohio, Billy planned on ending up in Europe because he had the opportunity to work and travel throughout 58 different countries in his five years right after college. Since 2005, Billy has been based in Barcelona, Spain, with his family and has been able to meet people from 86 different countries throughout his travels, including many Fortune 500 executives.

Billy was led by market leading companies, learning about the successful people he met in local cultures and having his corporate influence let him notice the structure, organization and opportunity to be trained. To this day, he continues to add value to other people by helping them derive benefits from real estate assets and create options for their lives. If you are genuine in your approach to build a relationship with investors, you have to take the steps to really build a unique bond, going deeper than surface conversation. The people that are globally putting in the work are the ones that are globally making the biggest impact and influencing others in the most positive way.

How To Manage A Full Income Stream While Collecting Passive Income

So, how can a full-time real estate investor with a W-2 or salary split their time to get started passively investing? The answer is that it depends on what you are trying to achieve personally and financially. Even with a high-paying job influence, you can feel like there’s something else out there to have more control over your life, creating more options for yourself, your family, loved ones and friends. You as the investor also have to have a clear plan and goal set in place to aim your focus. There can be some sacrifices that you are going to have to be prepared to make if you want to invest passively full time, but it is about the willingness you have to take the risk or realize you like your full-time job instead. The name of the game is to gain financial freedom over your life  and get to the point where you can passively invest as your only job. You are investing your time, energy, capital and you’re getting educated, so you can eventually place your trust with someone else to invest with. Depending on if you go an active route or a passive route, you’re still going to need to put in the time to get educated, meet people,build strong relationships and make sure that you keep doing what you’d like doing in your corporate (or other) job. Though not the easiest, it is definitely possible with the correct motivation and energy to invest not only your capital but your time to learn and understand in order to choose the right passive investments for you.

NNN Real Estate Gives Investors Options

Real estate gives you many options if you want passive income — you don’t have to actively invest. Somebody who is unfamiliar with US and also non-US net lease investing just need to find someone that understands the nuances to investing in US real estate, especially in terms of taxation and legal processes. Those with a global perspective on investing are also great references to learn from and help both domestic and international investors find NNN properties that benefit their financial wants. They can translate the benefits of a real estate property for someone that may have never lived in the United States.

Many people spend their time trying to figure out the stock market only to eventually realize that it’s just another form of gambling since you have no control over it. So, how did Billy decide to invest in real estate rather than putting your money into bonds or other stagnant mechanisms that don’t grow your capital? He learned from a young age to save his money and he only began to start investing money into his 401k when the 2000 Bubble happened, and his investment portfolio reduced in value. Then, Billy tried dollar cost averaging (basically keep funding your money investments), which worked well to build his wealth back up until the 2008 crash and his portfolio lost 33% of its value. So, these repeated crashes led him to invest outside of the stock market and begin his passive investment journey in real estate, wanting more control over his wealth. Anyone can create consistent income over time with cash flowing real estate. Investing with other educated individuals that are seasoned to choosing good properties, like real estate funds, just make the process even easier to gain capital.

Factors That Affect Investors’ Return On Investments

It is not hard to convince non-US investors of how beneficial US real estate is. In the United States, there are so many cities that have more than a million people, which makes it easy to access markets where you can generate consistent cash flow. The US real estate market is much different from non-US markets because it appreciates over time (granted the economy is somewhat stable). If foreign investors don’t understand the fundamental differences in the dynamics of the US market though, it can be difficult at times to walk them through the caveats of US net lease investments, which is why educating oneself is highly recommended before diving into a property investment. Much of Europe is familiar with buy-and-hold markets, meaning you’re just buying it, you’re holding it, but you’re not getting much cash flow.

Blockchain Technology Gives Investors Higher Returns

Investing in blockchain and Security Tokens, is another great way to reach the returns on investment that investors want with real estate. Investors can get paid in dollars, euros, Ethereum, or US dollar stable coins. What is beneficial is that your investment will dollar-cost average out of the dollar in your digital wallet, rather than losing value sitting in the bank. This, in turn, means higher returns off of your initial capital investment. The tokenization of real estate gives both US and non-US investors more options on where to invest, how much they can invest and how they can invest.

The best way investors can help themselves before jumping into the real estate market is to get a basic knowledge of inflation, and how inflation steals money from their bank accounts, how they can potentially diversify their portfolio that way, but also understand the basics of cryptocurrency. Digitizing assets reduces the transfer and flow of capital for investors significantly. If an investor wanted to do a wire transfer, it would take up to seven business days; a Bitcoin or Ethereum transfer is almost instantaneous AND has much lower fees. There is a whole system outside the banking system that is going to revolutionize the way we transfer money that allows people to gain financial freedom, i.e. Blockchain.

Steps To Invest Non-US Capital In US Real Estate

So, how can international investors bring their foreign capital into the US Real estate investment market? There are many different legal routes you can take to invest in high-quality cash-flowing US real estate. One crucial note to international NNN investing is having someone who is tech-savvy, someone who is legally savvy, and someone that you can also interact with in the location that you want to invest your money with. The best way for you to invest in US Net Lease assets is to make sure that, whatever country you live in, you have to have a tax and legal person to understand the foreign market regulations you are trading within as well as those people who understand the US legal regulations. You have to make sure that you’re legally compliant in your own area that you’re investing in, but you should also make sure that the people that are investing comply with securities laws. Make sure to check your home country, what the implications are if you invest outside of it and that your country of investment fits what investment strategy you are looking for.

There are many people outside of the US that want to know how to benefit from the stable, consistent cash flow that Net Lease properties offer investors. These assets are so stable, they have been coined “bonds wrapped in real estate,” for their reliability and return on investment.

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Billy Keels, KeePon Cashflow

Before becoming a real estate entrepreneur, KeePon Cashflow’s founder Billy Keels worked in the corporate world. In fact, he was one of the best “corporate soldiers” you’d ever want to meet. During his corporate career Billy put his leadership and relationship-building skills to good use to help clients get to the root of issues that were holding them back from full success. Billy earned his stripes as a true problem-solver, a skill he carried into his new entrepreneurial life. What made him popular with employers who sent him across the globe to meet with Fortune 500-level clients is the same thing that makes him popular with investors, buyers and sellers in real estate today… his skills in coming up with real solutions that work in the real world for real people! Billy says that he was happy enough in his J.O.B., but something was missing. An emptiness and longing for a different life chewed on him, pulling him to what he knew he wanted to do more than anything else. Billy wanted to be an entrepreneur who brought two worlds together. He wanted to give individuals where he lives the chance to invest in properties on U.S. soil. So he took steps and kept on the path to his goals. KeePon Cashflow is the result of his efforts.

Today, Billy is an international real estate entrepreneur, problem-solver, author, coach and mentor. He sees opportunities where others often don’t in real estate. No “overnight success,” Billy continues to work toward his vision and goals. Topmost on his list? Building a bridge between investors and buyers in Europe with sellers in the U.S.

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