Buying your first Net Lease (NNN or Triple Net) property - an acquisition case study using an Aspen Dental NNN property with the picture titled Acquisition Case Study - Liberty Real Estate Fund.


Buying your first Net Lease (NNN or Triple Net) property - an acquisition case study using an Aspen Dental NNN property with the picture titled Acquisition Case Study - Liberty Real Estate Fund.

A master class on how to acquire a Net Lease (NNN or Triple Net) property. This video explains everything you need to know about going out and finding your first Net Lease deal. It also shows you the depth of knowledge and experience the Liberty acquisitions/portfolio team delivers on each and every acquisition. You will see how this property, and more like it in different industries and markets, contribute to one of the most stable portfolios in the investment world.

Net Lease Properties Are Passive Income Machines

● Single-Tenant Net-Lease properties are called NNN or Triple Net commercial real estate properties. Net Lease properties provide passive cash flow and the tenants pay the Taxes, Insurance and Maintenance.  You, the investor ,get Mailbox Money with Nothing But Net income.

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Medtail Tenants Are Internet Resistant

● Aspen Dentals are great Triple Net properties because everyone needs to go to the dentist and the services need to be performed in person. Dentists, doctors offices, veterinarians, urgent care centers and other well-located Single-Tenant Net-lease Properties are known as “Medtail” real estate. 

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Demographic Growth Drives Property Value Increases

● South Carolina is growing like gangbusters and attracting new businesses, people and developments. In the United States, pro-growth and low tax states have been increasing in the population at rapid rates. This population and job growth leads to increased incomes and spending power for residents living in those areas.

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What’s Better Than One Net Lease Property?

● The answer is more Net Lease properties! The Liberty Real Estate Fund is a portfolio of Single-Tenant Net-Lease properties composed of brand-name, financially strong tenants in diversified industries spread throughout high-growth, low-tax markets.  

The targeted industries for Liberty Real Estate Fund include auto service providers, car washes, convenience stores, gas stations, dollar stores, drugstores, financial service offices, supermarkets, Medtail tenants and telecom service providers.

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Net Lease Properties Are Bonds Wrapped In Real Estate

● Net Lease properties are often called “Bonds Wrapped in Real Estate” because, depending on the tenant, you get a full guarantee of payments for highly rated and publicly traded Billion-dollar corporations. What’s more is that Net Lease property owners receive higher yields on their investments than the very same companies’ corporate bonds. NNN properties are better than bonds because the high quality real estate has intrinsic value and a good hedge against inflation,  whereas bonds lose value during times of inflation. Additionally, with real estate investments, you receive extra tax benefits like depreciation and interest expensing, so your net return is much higher than with stocks or bonds.

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Looking for tax-advantaged passive income? Liberty Real Estate Fund offers easy access to Stable and Tradable Private Real Estate with a diverse portfolio of Net Lease properties specially designed to provide you with consistent monthly income and cash flow. Put your money to work for you where you live by investing in auto services, healthcare, pharmacies, necessity shopping, mobile communications and convenience stores.

About the author

Picture of Michael Flight, CEO of Liberty Real Estate.

Michael Flight was named the Godfather of Blockchain Real Estate by Forbes Crypto.  Michael achieved that distinction by co-founding Liberty Real Estate Fund, the World’s First Net Lease Security Token Fund, creating the Blockchain Real Estate Summit. More recently co-founding Invest On Main ( the Real Estate & Alternative Asset marketplace of the future and AcceleratedLaw a faster, cheaper way to create and tokenize securities offerings! 

Michael is a real estate entrepreneur and real estate tokenization pioneer who is an expert in retail real estate investment, redevelopment and real estate on the blockchain.  He started his commercial real estate career in 1985, and then co-founded Concordia Realty Corporation in 1990, which continues to partner with some of the world’s most well-known banks, insurance companies, hedge funds and institutional investors in many successful investments.

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