Liberty Real Estate Fund I launch and webinar announcement with USA map and Liberty token paying cash flow.


Webinar on May 20, 2021 at 3:00PM CT, 4:00PM ET and 1:00PM PT in the US and Canada.


Liberty Real Estate Fund I is ready for launch this Month!

Your patience has been rewarded with investor benefits never before seen with traditional private real estate offerings.  Yes, this journey has taken a long time to get to this point.  Over the past year and a half we have been working with some of the brightest minds and organizations in technology, legal compliance and tax minimization.

All to make Liberty Real Estate Fund the best investor experience available.

Benefits to you as an investor include:

●       All-star management team loaded with experience

●       Stability of a conservative real estate portfolio

●       Geographic diversification in high growth markets

●       Industry diversification providing for high demand, essential needs and services

●       Tax benefits of a K1 investment



●       Security Tokens can be traded or sold after a one-year lock up period

●       Trading can be Person-to-Person or Business-to-Business or combination

●       Trading is 24 hours / 7 days per week / 365 days per year – investing done on your time

●       Buying and selling can be done by yourself, with brokers, Alternative Trading Systems (ATS) or through secondary exchanges

●       After the one-year lock-up period, your security tokens can be acquired by non-accredited investors & accredited investors

Currency Options

●       Optionality to take monthly income/cash flow distributions (you decide): US Dollars (USD), US Dollar Coin (USDC) or Ethereum

●       Security Tokens offer the opportunity for investors to invest with US Dollars, Euros, Yen and other fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies

●       The Liberty Real Estate Fund has a custodial agreement with Coinbase to hold and convert your crypto to U.S. Dollar if funded from crypto currencies

Extra Earning Power

●       Investors can deposit their income/cash flow distributions in USDC or Ethereum with decentralized finance (“DeFi”) companies like BlockFi and earn extra interest returns

●       The Liberty Real Estate Fund has arranged an affiliate relationship with BlockFi for you to earn additional interest on your income (cash flow) distributions – Setup ACH with BlockFi to earn more interest on your cash flow and Dollar Cost Average into cryptocurrencies

Fractional Ownership

●       Sell or trade a portion a portion of your Security Tokens while retaining the remaining shares

●       Divide your tokens among heirs or charitable causes for Estate Planning

Enter the Financial System of the Future

●       Blockchain is the rails of the NEW FINANCIAL SYSTEM

●       Transact from anywhere in the world and open up your options as investors 

●       The future of all currencies will be digital

Per SEC regulations, Liberty Real Estate Fund I has a limited number of allowed investors, so make sure to let us know of your pre-commitment to reserve your spot for this opportunity.


Liberty Real Estate Fund I LP is The World’s First Single-Tenant Net-Lease Security Token FundTM, joining 30 plus years of institutional real estate investment experience with blockchain technology to deliver very stable, diversified, tax efficient returns combined with liquidity, security and transparency.

Liberty is focused on investing in high quality, well located Single-Tenant Net-Leased (NNN) properties in targeted high growth, low tax areas of the United States.  The portfolio has been specifically designed to provide stable, recession resistant income combined with inflation protected wealth preservation and equity growth.

Security Tokens are regulated Digital Assets that can provide extra benefits and options not traditionally available with private real estate investments including: Liquidity; Currency Options; Extra Earning Power; Quick and Easy Worldwide Access to YOUR MONEY.


●       Regular Monthly Income

●       Proven Institutional Sponsor With 30 Year Track Record

●       Cutting Edge Technology For Extra Investor Benefits

●       Income Paid By Brand Name – Investment Worthy Tenants

●       Stable Asset Class – Long Term Leases

●       Internet Resistant Services And Essential Businesses

●       Exceptional Market Niche: Automotive  – Healthcare (Medtail) – Financial Services – Telecom – Necessity Retailers

Webinar on May 20, 2021 at 3:00PM CT, 4:00PM ET and 1:00PM PT in the US and Canada.


Liberty Real Estate Fund – The World’s First Security Token Offering Coin stack and logo

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Picture of Michael Flight, CEO of Liberty Real Estate.

Michael Flight was named the Godfather of Blockchain Real Estate by Forbes Crypto.  Michael achieved that distinction by co-founding Liberty Real Estate Fund, the World’s First Net Lease Security Token Fund, creating the Blockchain Real Estate Summit. More recently co-founding Invest On Main ( the Real Estate & Alternative Asset marketplace of the future and AcceleratedLaw a faster, cheaper way to create and tokenize securities offerings! 

Michael is a real estate entrepreneur and real estate tokenization pioneer who is an expert in retail real estate investment, redevelopment and real estate on the blockchain.  He started his commercial real estate career in 1985, and then co-founded Concordia Realty Corporation in 1990, which continues to partner with some of the world’s most well-known banks, insurance companies, hedge funds and institutional investors in many successful investments.